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Repairing 200 creaky musicians' chairs at the Philharmonie in Berlin.

You might thing we specialise only in musical instruments, but that is far from all we do!

What do you do when musicians' chairs are creaking? There is nothing worse on-stage than hearing loud creaking noises from the musicians' chairs during a quiet passage in the midst of a concert. Even the chair manufacturer had no idea how to remedy the problem, so we were assigned the challenge of stopping the chairs from creaking – and we succeeded!


Put a concert grand piano on a high-rise tower roof? Not a problem for us.

Looking to put a concert grand on the roof of a building? On a frosty morning in mid-Winter?? Not a problem for us! It was six o'clock on a late January morning, at temperatures of minus 6 degrees Celsius, as Tom Preissler and his Special Assignments team set about putting a concert grand piano on the roof of a 35 metre building in the Berlin district of Kreuzberg for a music video production.

Once everything had been prepared on the roof, and dawn began to break, the delicate instrument was secured and lifted up into the air. Incidentally, the grand was an exclusive "BÖSENDORFER" model ...

The journey up onto the roof was not without its hazards. To get onto the roof 35 metres up, the instrument in fact had to be lifted 45 metres, in order to get over advertising hoardings mounted on the roof edge. The tiniest slippage of the lashing straps, or a gust of wind, might have caused the grand to drop. It was a job which demanded all of our precision and skill!

The crane carrying the 400 kilogram grand was swung carefully towards the roof, where the special assignments team was already waiting to receive it and move it to the piano stool shown in the picture on the right. And to cap it all, it started to snow too...

Despite his icy cold hands, the pianist was shortly afterwards seated at the instrument.... We carefully installed the dark wood platform on the roof specially to ensure that the instrument and the camera crane could be moved freely, and to avoid damaging the roof. In the music video it was invisibly retouched.

The video shoot lasted very late into the evening. The concert grand withstood the ordeal superbly – as did the pianist! The music video was a big hit, and the film team was very happy with our work.

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