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Gong Rental GermanyGong rental Berlin / Germany

We rent handpicked Chinese WUHAN tamtams (original Chao-Luô gongs) from 9 inches up to 60 inches diameter, as well as finest tuned Thai nipple gongs. Our rental offer includes also Burmesian gongs, Javanese gongs, Chinese Bao gongs, Vietnamese temple gongs, Chinese gongs with raised rims, Chinese pan-gongs, Thai nipple gongs in golden colour.

Also we hire PAISTE symphonic gongs of different sizes, wind gongs, winter gongs, sun gongs, Chinese opera gongs, glissando gongs, water gongs, feng gongs, dinner gongs, break gongs and a large number of more gong instruments from all over the world.

As props you can rent a table gong or break gong from us. We also have these instruments in different sizes.

Our big gong rental stock holds more than 90 different gongs and tam tams. We personally selected these instruments directly in Asia from a plurality of gongs and tamtams to meet the best sound characteristics and sound colors.

Rental of tuned gongs / Thai gongs for orchestra

For professional use in an orchestra or ensemble we rent out finest nipple gongs with a clear tuning in A4 = 443 hz in the range from large C2 to C7 including suitable stands made by KOLBERG or PREISSLER! These instruments are handcrafted (forged) from bronze with the highest level in quality and sound. Almost all of them were hand-selected and tested in Burma/Myanmar directly by our senior consultant Wolfgang Preissler personally.

Rental accessories for gong and tamtam

As accessories we rent out stable stands for gongs & tams of all sizes made by KOLBERG or PREISSLER, as well as a large assortment of special mallets and handmade beaters of all sizes and with different weights for gong and tamtam.

Our special rental service

  • We transport your hired gongs and tamtam for you.
  • If you wish our special trained Stage Service Team will set-up and dismantle your hired gongs and tamtams at site.
  • Each gong and tamtam is insured for the entire hire period in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.
  • Protection against infection: Before and after each rental, all of our gongs and other rental objects are disinfected against viruses and bacteria.

Contact us - we will be glad to help you!

Please note:
Our rental offer applies only for rehearsals, concerts and events of all kinds. We regret that rental for solely private purposes over a protracted period of time (education, practice) is not possible!

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