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Hire Celesta, Keyboard Glockenspiel / Papageno Bells.

Celesta / Celeste Rental

With no doubt the "Dance of the Sugar Fairy" from Peter Tchaikovsky's "Nutcracker", the opera "Der Rosenkavalier" (The Knight of the Rose) by Richard Strauss or "Hedwig's Theme" from the "Harry Potter" sound track by John Williams is unthinkable without a Celesta. The same applies of course to many works by other composers. We have paid great attention to the originality and sonic authenticity of our Celestas and offer consciously historical instruments for rent which are lovingly restored, exactly tuned and regularly maintained.

celesta rental germany

We offer the following celesta for hire:

  • Celesta SCHIEDMAYER, range 5 octaves from C3 - C8, by the manufactory SCHIEDMAYER perfect restored orchestra model, tuning A4 = 443 hz, packed in a custom-made flight case
  • Celesta MUSTEL, original instrument by Victor Mustel from 1896, range 4 octaves, tuning A4 = 440 hz (currently in restoration and at the moment not rentable)



Rental of Keyboard Glockenspiel / Keyed Glockenspiel / Papageno Bells

A keyboard glockenspiel, also called jeu de timbre á clavier, clavitimbre, campanelli a tastiera or strumento d'acciaio is specified in compositions by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Magic Flute, Papageno), Claude Debussy (La Mer), George Frideric Handel (Saul, Acis and Galathea), Modest Mussorgsky (Pictures of an exhibition), Oliver Messiaen (Turangalîla) and many others.

We rent the following keyboard glockenspiels:

keyboard glockenspiel rental germanyKeyboard Glockenspiel / Clavitimbre / jeu de timbre

Very rare MUSTEL keyboard glockenspiel / jeu de timbre á clavier / clavitimbre, historic original instrument from Mustel / Paris, range 3 1/3 octaves from C5 - E8. This unique master instrument was built by MUSTEL according to the most exacting specifications for the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra and the sound was personally checked by the former chief conductor of the orchestra Wilhelm Furtwängler at MUSTEL in Paris. In the era of Herbert von Karajan, all recordings and concerts of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra were played with this unique keyboard glockenspiel. It is superbly restored and tuned to A4 = 443 hz, packed in a custom-made flight case.


Papageno bells rental GermanyHistoric Keyboard Glockenspiel - Papageno Bells

Handmade copy of the original keyed glockenspiel from 1750 using original historical parts, range 3 1/3 octaves, C5 - E8. The sound of this instrument is very brilliant, clear and far away from a celesta which was invented over 100 years after Mozart. This instrument is the "Strumento d'acciaio" which W.A. Mozart (Papageno / Magic Flute) dictated! We have it available with the original keys in the tuning A4 = 432 hz and also with the actual tuning A4 = 443 hz.

All our celesta and keyboard glockenspiels are packed in custom-made PREISSLER flight cases. They can be used - like all our rental instruments - not only for concerts in Berlin and the surrounding countryside but as well as for entire orchestra tours / orchestra travels by truck transport or Air Cargo within Germany and Europe. In certain cases also world wide.

Our outstanding service:

  • Every celesta and keyboard glockenspiel is insured for the full hire period in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.
  • We transport the rental instruments with our special transport vehicles and with our experienced Stage Service Team we offer the complete set-up and dismantle on the stage at site - at any time!

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Please note:
Our hire offer applies only to professional use! We regret that hire for solely private purposes over a protracted period of time (education, practice) is not possible.

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