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Preissler Music takes action!

Sperm whale scar. A Preissler Music social project.

Our team have become a whale sponsor.

Since 2009 we have been a sponsor for the Pot whale “SCAR”. Scar lives for the whole year in the area around the Caribbean island Dominica in a group of eight whales. He was born on 2000 and is very inquisitive and approachable. He was named Scar after the large injury to his back. We will follow him with great interest for hopefully a long life.

We support the Society for Dolphin Conservation (GRD e.V.)

Dolphins are extremely intelligent animals with self-awareness, personality and empathy, who live in socially complex groups. Scientists, dolphins and ocean conservationists – like the Society for Dolphin Conservation – foster the “dolphin ethic” and the recognition of a special status for dolphins as “non-human persons”.

The selfish exploitation of the oceans threatens to wipe out one dolphin species after another. Not even one percent of the habitat required by these intelligent ocean mammals are declared as sanctuaries and at least one quarter of all species are threatened by extinction.

The Society for Dolphin Conservation is the only environmental organisation in Germany that specifically acts for the protection of living dolphins and whales. The society was founded in 1991 by the three time round-the-world sailor Rollo Gebhard. Together with his partners, the Society for Dolphin Conservation fights against fishing methods resulting in the loss of life for dolphins and dolphin hunting, acts directly fo the protection and support of dolphin families living near the coast and their habitat, works for the extension of sanctuaries and for the enactment of protection laws and is active with rescue networks for stranded dolphins.

We support the Society for Dolphin Conservation in their work and would be pleased if you also got involved as a dolphin protector!

You can find more information about sponsoring and the protection of sea mammals here.

(Photo of Scar, Copyright A&W Steffen, with kind approval from The Society for Dolphin Conservation)

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