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Double bass rental Berlin, Germany & Europe

double bass rental berlin germanyWe hire double basses for Classic and Jazz

If you are looking for a double bass rental in Germany or Europe, you have come to the right place here in Berlin. We rent our double basses for rehearsals, studio recordings, concerts and concert tours / orchestra travels by professional symphony orchestras, youth orchestras, ensembles, soloists and jazz musicians from all over the world and transport the instruments in Germany and Europe. No matter if Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt, Prague, Lucerne or Amsterdam.

Of course you can also hire our double basses for music festivals, studio recordings, TV shows, theater and movie productions, photo shoots, castings, auditions and of course many other events.

We offer a big double bass rental assortment of more than 30 double basses / upright basses for classic and jazz in all quality levels. From basic and mid-range quality basses up to old masterclass basses for professional use. We also rent special adjusted double basses - also with transducer / pickup - for Jazz and unplugged music.

Our double basses are available in different sizes and also as 4 or 5-string instruments. They are fitted with high-quality strings of famous brands like PIRASTRO, D'ADDARIO or THOMASTIK.

Double bass to rent as movie prop

For photo-shoots or as movie and TV props you can hire double basses purely for decorative purposes such as double basses in white colour and also instruments with that unique "patina".

Rental of old masterclass double basses for professional orchestra and soloist

double bass hire europe

The highest quality standards of professional orchestras and demanding soloists we can fulfill with the rental of our very old double basses of famous master luthiers. These double basses are between 70 and 120 years old - tonal as well as visual in absolutely unique condition. They have been restored with great attention to details and are adjusted for use in the classical orchestra. Each double bass is a unique instrument of finest craftsmanship. For Baroque Music some of these double basses are fitted with high-grade gut strings made by PIRASTRO, PURE CORDE or LENTZEN.

Depending on the type of use our double basses are packed in a custom-made PREISSLER Flight Case or a in a padded softbag and can be used - like all our double basses - not only for concerts in Berlin and the surrounding countryside of Brandenburg but as well as for entire complete concert tours / orchstra travels by truck transport or Air Cargo within Berlin, Germany and Europe. Under certain circumstances even world wide.

You like to hire accessories for double bass?

We rent a wide range of accessories for double bass:

  • Professional double bass stools / bass thrones made by KOLBERG.
  • Double bass stands & spike boards made by KOLBERG.
  • Double bass bows of different quality levels (Brazil Wood, Massaranduba, Pernambuco Wood or Carbon). We also rent French bows!
  • Acoustic transducer / pickup for double bass / upright bass made by DAVID GAGE, BARCUS BERRY, SHADOW, FISHMAN, UNDERWOOD, etc.
  • From our catergory Backline Rental you can hire double bass amplifiers, speaker cabinets and bass combos made by AER, AGUILAR, GALLIEN KRUEGER, AMPEG, MARKBASS, SWR or HARTKE.

Our special rental service

  • We transport the double basses that you rented from us with our special transport vehicles.
  • With our experienced Stage Service Team we offer the complete set-up and dismantle on the stage at site. Day and night - at any time.
  • Each double bass is insured for the full rental period in accordance with our Terms & Conditions / T&C.
  • For orchestra tours outside of Germany, all our double basses have the official permits of the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation for export and re-import of wooden instruments of protected species according to the worldwide CITES agreement.
  • Protection against infection: Before and after each rental, all of our double basses and other rental objects are disinfected against viruses and bacteria.
  • Each double bass / upright bass is regularly maintained and adjusted by our professional double bass maker Alain Herard.

Contact us - we will be glad to help you!

Please note:
Our rental offer applies only for rehearsals, concerts and events of all kinds. We regret that rental for solely private purposes over a protracted period of time (education, practice) is not possible!

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