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We hire music stands, lights, musician & orchestra chairs

If you want to rent music stands in mint condition, or if you want to hire professional orchestra music stands, desk lights and musicians' chairs / orchestral chairs of all kinds, you have come to the right place at Preissler Music. We are located in Berlin / Germany.

You can use our rental equipment like music stands, stand lights, piano benches, harp benches, musician chairs and orchestra chairs for events, rehearsals, concerts, orchestra tours / concert tours of choirs, youth orchestras and professional symphony orchestras incoming to Germany and Europe from all parts of the world.

We also rent our music stands, stand lights, musicians' chairs / orchestral chairs for studio recordings, music festivals, TV shows, theater and film productions, photo shoots, castings / auditions, music competitions, presentations, trade fairs, and private events like weddings, birthday parties and even funeral services.

You can rent from our large rental stock:

  • Music stands made by KOENIG & MEYER
  • Music stands with tablet holder / ipad holder
  • Professional orchestra music stands made by KOENIG & MEYER or KOLBERG
  • Noble music stands made of wood in black color with storage ledge and satined stainless steel base
  • Mountable oddment trays for woodwind players
  • Conductor's desks - also extendable on both sides for large scores
  • Stand lights with 220 volt light bulbs including wiring and safety cable bridges
  • Battery-operated LED stand lights KOENIG & MEYER "Concert Light" or MIGHTY BRIGHT "Duett 2"
  • Battery-operated LED stand lights for conductor's desk in a wide variety
  • Orchestra chairs / musicians chairs / choir chairs by KOENIG & MEYER, PREISSLER MUSIC
  • Complete orchestral seating for up to 300 musicians or choir
  • Conductor chairs (also with a conductor's platform available)
  • Timpani chairs by KOLBERG or WILDE + SPIETH
  • Percussion Chairs / Drum Chairs made by KOLBERG
  • Drum thrones / drum stools made by PEARL, TAMA, MAPEX, SONOR, ROC'N'SOC
  • Double bass chairs / bass stools / bass chairs made by KOLBERG
  • Bar stool (for guitarists / singers)
  • Piano benches by STEINWAY, BLÜTHNER, BECHSTEIN and other manufacturers
  • Keyboard benches by KOENIG & MEYER
  • Harp benches for concert harp
  • Organ benches
  • Harmonium benches with angled seat
  • Director's chairs

Our music stands, stand lights, musician and orchestra chairs are packed in custom-made PREISSLER flight cases. They can be used - like all our rental instruments - not only for concerts in Berlin / Germany and the surrounding countryside of Brandenburg / Germany as well as for entire orchestra tours / orchestra travels by truck transport or air cargo within Germany and Europe. No matter if Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt or Prague, Paris, Barcelona and Amsterdam. Under certain circumstances even world wide.

Our special rental service:

  • With us, you obtain all your rental items and transport services from a single source, and always have a designated contact person for your entire project.
  • We transport the music stands, lights and musician / orchestra chairs we hire out with our special transport vehicles.
  • If you wish our special trained Stage Service Team will setup and dismantle your hired equipment and also instruments on your stage at site and / or support your complete event.
  • Our rental equipment is insured for the full hire period in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.
  • Your safety is very important to us! Therefore all of our electrically operated rental equipment. like our stand lights with 220 volt light bulbs, are reviewed regularly in accordance with the statutory German DGUV Vorschrift 3 - accident prevention regulations and come with an up-to-date inspection sticker and the relevant inspection reports.
  • Protection against infection: Before and after each rental, all of our musical stands, lights, musician / orchestra chairs and other rental objects are disinfected against viruses and bacteria.
  • Our complete equipment is always in as new condition, clean and perfectly maintained.

Our extensive rental portfolio offers you items to hire ranging from inexpensive rental equipment to top-brand hire items from leading manufacturers or craft workshops. If we happen to not have very specific stage asseccories or orchestra equipment in our rental stock, we can procure it for you very quickly thanks to our unmatched array of contacts worldwide.

Contact us - we will be glad to help you.

Please note:
Our rental offer applies only for rehearsals, concerts and events of all kinds. We regret that rental for solely private purposes over a protracted period of time (education, practice) is not possible!

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