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The Preissler Music Team in Berlin / Germany

Tom Preissler

Thomas "Tom" Preissler

Proprietor / CEO. Studied classical percussion / orchestra music, psychology and educational science. Worked for more than 32 years as a university lecturer and drum & percussion teacher. Has composed numerous pieces for Germany's ARD radio service. Works on the side as a coach and psychological counselor, musician, composer and recitalist. He has headed the company since it was founded in 1992.


Julian Korth

Julian Korth

Deputy Managing Director, Project Management, Order Processing. He is qualified in event management and is long experienced in the music business. From 2007 to 2013 he worked on a freelance basis for Preissler Music's stage service. He has been a member of the company's staff since 2014. Julian also heads our team handling special tasks.


Eva Beck Preissler Music, Berlin | Projectmanagement

Eva Beck

Order Processing, Scheduling. She has been a member of our team since 2017 and is currently working freelance at Preissler Music. Eva has studied music and musical theater studies. Through her many experiences as an organizer of music competitions, theater and musical productions, she always keeps an overview even during major concert events and orchestra tours.


Ugur Celik

Ugur Çelik

Project Management, Order Processing, Stage Management. Ugur has been permanently employed with us since 2021. Before that, he worked as a freelancer in the Preissler Music Team since 2013. In addition to taking care of projects and processing customer inquiries, he accompanies many tours of international orchestras in Germany and Europe as an experienced stage manager.


Martina Merländer

Martina Merländer

Accounts. A qualified financial expert, she has been with the Preissler Music team since 2000. Outside of her work for Preissler Music, she has for more than 25 years been an certified osteopath and experienced music physician with her own medical practice near the Kurfürstendamm in Berlin. ChiSaNatura


Shogo Koresawa | Preissler Music Berlin

Shogo Koresawa

Stage Service / Stage Management, Instrument Transport. He has been a member in the Preissler Music team since 2015 and has been employed with us. On the stages across Germany and Europe he is also the expert contact for our numerous Japanese and Asian customers and classical orchestras from all over the world.



Oliver Betsch

Oliver Betsch

Stage Service, Instrument transport, he has been part of the Preissler Music Team since 2019 and is a permanent employee. As a trained airport loader for aircraft, Oliver specializes in the packaging and transport of musical instruments in our trucks. As an experienced wood specialist, he also takes on the restoration and repair of our instruments. Oliver also works as a freelance artist and musician.


Gabriel Abaurre Amaral

Gabriel Amaral

Stage Management, Instrument Transport. Gabriel has been part of our Team since 2022 and is a permanent employee. He holds a Master of Arts in Music from the University of West London and is a specialist in music technology and recording. He is also a very experienced stage manager for classical music and jazz. Because of his extensive language skills, Gabriel is very popular with our international customers.


Frank MerlaenderFrank Merländer

Public Relations & Orchestra Support. Frank has been working with the Preissler Music team since 2011. He studied law and business studies, and is a qualified coach. Language and communications are his field of expertise. Frank is a permanent employee of ours. Alongside his work for us, he operates as a coach and consultant to cultural institutions, providing concepts for mutual respect and appreciation.


Marius Timmermans

Marius Timmermans

Stage Service & Stage Management. Well trained by Preissler Music, he also works as a freelance musician, composer and propsman for TV shows. Marius has been a freelance member of the Preissler Music team since 2005. He has detailed knowledge of all our rental items, especially all of our backline equipment for jazz and rock. He also works as a drum technician.


Steve Semke

Steve Semke

Transport & Stage Service. Steve has been part of our Preissler Music Team since 2004. He providing a Europe-wide instrument transport service with his Semke company. Steve always has a solution to even the trickiest challenges when transporting high sensitive instruments. His specialty is the transport of valuable orchestral instruments over longer distances.

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