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Drum & Percussion Rental Germany

Drum and Percussion RentalDrum Kits, Percussion & Orchestral Percussion for hire.

Drums & Percussion is without doubt the most diverse instrument category in the world. In view of that diversity, we have configured our for-hire range so as to offer customers a wealth of superb drum kits & percussion instruments for Pop, Rock and Jazz as well as all kinds of drums and percussion instruments for classical orchestras. All of which are in top condition and routinely subjected to professional maintenance.

Especially for orchestral percussion we are the biggest rental company in Germany.

We offer a broad selection of drum kits, a wide range of cymbals, drums of all sizes - all kinds of marching drums, large orchestra bassdrums / Gran Cassa, timpani / kettle drums / baroque timpani, gongs - also tuned, tam-tams, crotal bells, singing bowls / rin, complete glass harps, marimbas / marimbaphones, xylophones, xylosynth, vibraphones, glockenspiels / orchestra bells, tubular bells, plate bells, tuned cowbells and Alpine cowbells / cencerros. We also offer a wide variety of special-effect instruments such as waterphones, chimes in all sound directions, wood blocks, temple blocks, slit drums / log drums, lion's roars, thunder plates, wind machines, tuned brake drums, car springs, anvils, megaphones, cab horns, etc. and of course World Percussion instruments such as congas, bongos, cajon, timbales, steel drums, Brasilian surdo drums, repiniques & cuicas, African djembes, Indian tablas, Japanese taiko drums, Arabian doumbek and darbouka drums and so much more.

Celesta and keyed glockenspiel / keyboard glockenspiel you will find in our category Keyboard Instruments.

Of course we also rent accessories for drums and percussion instruments. We offer a huge selection of stands, tripods, all kinds of drum sticks & mallets, drum thrones, drummers' and percussionists' chairs, sound shields and other accessories for hire.

Just choose from the menu of our website which drum or percussion instrument you want to hire!

Our exceptional service:

  • With us, you obtain all your rental instruments, hire items and transport services from a single source, and always have a designated contact person for your entire project.
  • If requested, we transport the instruments with our special transport vehicles and with our experienced Stage Service Team we offer the complete setup and breakdown on the stages at site - at any time.
  • All rental items are insured for the full hire period in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.
  • Our electrically operated drum & percussion instruments are reviewed regularly in accordance with the statutory German DGUV V3 accident prevention regulations and come with an up-to-date inspection sticker and the relevant inspection reports.
  • For orchestra tours outside of Germany, all our instruments with wooden parts have the official permits of the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation for export and re-import of wooden instruments of protected species according to the CITES agreement.
  • We offer special discounts for our regular customers and for music festivals!

Our extensive portfolio offers you items to hire ranging from inexpensive drum and percussion instruments to top-brand instruments from leading manufacturers or craft workshops. If we happen to not have a very specific instrument in stock, we can procure it for you very quickly thanks to our unmatched array of contacts worldwide!

Contact us - we will be glad to help you!

Please note:
Our hire offer applies only to professional use! We regret that hire for solely private purposes over a protracted period of time (education, practice) is not possible.

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