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Professional Drum Kit Rental - Rent A Drum

drum kit rental berlin germanyPreissler Music drum hire in Berlin / Germany.

We rent complete drum kits / drum sets of all named brands - in many colours, configurations, shell materials and price categories - for the use at rehearsals, studio sessions / recordings, Photo-, Movie- & TV productions, concerts, musicals, theatre productions, festivals, music competitions, etc..

You can also rent various single drums like single toms, snare drums and bass drums of many brands. You will find them here: drums of all sizes.

We offer a big selection of well maintained rental drum kits made by:


Our rental stock also holds a wide range of drum parts and professional drum hardware for hire. We offer single pedals, double pedals, bass drum riser, hihat-machines, remote hihats, X-hats, drop clutches, cymbal stands in all sizes and variations, double tom stands, tom holders, drum thrones made by PEARL, ROC'N'SOC, MAPEX, TAMA or SONOR, drum rugs / carpets made by WARWICK, ROCKBAG or MEINL.

drum hire berlin germanyFor use in film and TV productions or in the studio we rent special equipment for drums such as playback dampers (clear or black rubber pads for silent playing), white coloured playback heads by REMO (mesh heads), CLEARSONIC acryl glass sound shields, mobile and height adjustable PREISSLER acryl glass sound absorber for drum kit, complete microphone sets for drum set and much more.

Furthermore we rent original vintage drums (including vintage hardware and matching cymbals) of the early 50's, 60's and 70's, special configurated drum kits for Jazz, e-drums and sampling pads (ROLAND SPD-SX).

Of course, our rental service includes also suitable single cymbals and complete cymbal sets for drum kit of all named brands. You will find more information about our rental cymbals for drum kit in our section cymbals.

Our outstanding service:

  • All our rental drums, hardware and accessories are insured for the full hire period in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.
  • Your safety is very important for us! Therefore all of our electrically operated drum kits (e-drums, sampling pads) are reviewed regularly in accordance with the statutory German DGUV V3 accident prevention regulations and have a current inspection sticker and the corresponding test report.

Contact us - we will be glad to help you!

Please note:
Our hire offer applies only to professional use! We regret that hire for solely private purposes over a protracted period of time (education, practice) is not possible.

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