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Our rental section World Percussion offers a very large selection of percussion instruments and drums from all over the world. You can hire our percussion instruments for rehearsals, concerts, studio productions, TV shows, theater & movie productions, music festivals, choir travels and orchestra tours. Of course you can rent our instruments also for other occasions such as photo shoots, promotions, castings, auditions, corporate events, presentations, etc.

In our rental company in Berlin / Germany we offer the following world percussion instruments for rent:

  • Congas and Bongos with wood or fiberglass kettles made by LATIN PERCUSSION, AFRO PERCUSSION, MEINL, PEARL, etc.
  • Timba, made by GOPE
  • Chromatic tuned steel drums made by E.C.S., pentatonic tuned steel drums made by PANLAND / USA
  • Timbales, made by LATIN PERCUSSION or MEINL
  • Djembés, made by AFROTON, AFRO PERCUSSION or MEINL
  • Cajon, made by SCHLAGWERK, also with foot pedal and/or Bass Tube
  • Japanese Taiko drums: miya daiko, shime daiko, hira daiko, okedo daiko, o-daiko / odaiko
  • Indian Tabla drums, Dayan & Bayan, original from India
  • Latin American Surdo drums, made by MEINL or VELEZ
  • Arabian / North African Darbouka / Doumbek. Optional with copper, brass or aluminium kettle and also finest masterclass instruments with ceramic kettle made by GAWHARET EL FAN.
  • Persian Tombak / Zarb, handcrafted wooden goblet drums from Iran
  • Arabic Daf, frame drums with goat skin, also with metal rings on the inside
  • Indonesian Angklung, single angklung or chromatic tuned angklung sets
  • Shaman drums, also octagonal

You can also rent further percussion instruments of different sizes and versions

Agogo bell, bata drum, berimbau / berimbao, bodhran, Burma bell, buffalo drum, cabaza, castanets (also castanet machines), caixa drums, caxixi, chocalho / rocar, claves, cowbell, cuica, davul / tapan / tupan, frame drum, guiro / reco-reco, jam block, African karkabou, kokiriko / bin-sasara, maracas, pandariq, pandeira, patum, repinique, riq / riqq, saz, scetavaiasse, shaker / ganza / chocolo, shékere, surdo drum, African talking drum / dundun, tamborim, tamburello, Moroccan tbilat / nagara / naqqara, Chinese temple blocks, Nepalesian tyamko, udu drum, wood blocks...

... and a wide range of more World Percussion instruments. Just ask us if you are looking for an instrument which is not on our list. Mostly we have it in our rental stock or we can procure it for you in ultra-quick time thanks to our extensive network of global contacts!

You will find a further selection of percussion instruments in our section Percussion Effect Instruments.

Our special rental service

  • We transport your hired percussion instruments.
  • If you wish our special trained Stage Service Team will set-up and dismantle your hired World percussion instruments at site.
  • All our rental instruments are insured for the entire hire period in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.
  • Protection against infection: Before and after each rental, all of our musical instruments and other rental objects are disinfected against viruses and bacteria.

Contact us - we will be glad to help you.

Please note:
Our rental offer applies only for rehearsals, concerts and events of all kinds. We regret that rental for solely private purposes over a protracted period of time (education, practice) is not possible!

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