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Musical instruments in playback at Film & TV productions

Playback on musical instruments. Preissler Music Film & TV Coaching.How to handle and play musical instruments for playback?

Surely you know the blamable movie scene: An actor plays the piano, you only see his head bent to the keys behind the instrument and hear the piano playing (as a playback). But he himself is never seen playing piano in the long shot. This is clear to every viewer, the actor can not play the piano. It's a pre-recorded backing track / full playback.

This is also the case in scenes with other musical instruments like trumpet, saxophone, guitar, drum kit, harp, etc. or the use of musical props. You can see very clearly, it is "just pretended" and even for a non-expert, "normal" viewer the questions arise:

Why does that have to be so obviously?

And: Does that even meet the claim to the complete work?

In TV shows, this problem is also found. The extras that musicians are supposed to perform are often very clumsy and out of sync with the playback sound. Again, every viewer becomes immediately aware - everything is fake. But that need not be!

Make use of our expert playback service for movie, photo, TV & theater productions!

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You can get our professional help in instructing actors or background cast members (extras) about the handling of musical instruments at playback and for natural posing. Also we help with the correct assembling of musical instruments on stage. Of course, you can also get a coach from us directly on site, who trains the actor especially on the instrument and conveys the necessary skills for the scene.

We advise you on the correct positioning of all kinds of musical instruments and musical props on stage, for TV and Movie Productions or for photo shoots, based on artistic and technical aspects.

We also offer this service on your set directly!

Contact us - Our team will be happy to support you with technical advice at any time.

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