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We rent accessories for percussion instruments & drums.

Rental of accessories for percussion and drumsAccessories for all kinds of drums & percussion

As large as the number of different percussion instruments and drums, is also the number of the many accessories and drum hardware like stands, brackets, mallets and further additional percussion and drum equipment. We rent additional to our instruments or even regardless of a huge range of professional accessories for percussion instruments.

You can rent from our big rental stock:

  • Acrylic sound shields for drum kit or percussion made by CLEARSONIC or PREISSLER MUSIC
  • Acrylic sound shields for orchestra instruments made by PREISSLER MUSIC
  • Microphone sets for drum kits
  • Gong & Tam stands in many sizes and variations
  • Beaters for gongs & tams
  • Cymbal stands in different versions and of all named brands, also cymbal trees made by KOLBERG
  • Conga stands made by DIXON, LATIN PERCUSSION, MEINL or PEARL
  • Bongo stands made by MEINL or PEARL
  • Percussion stands by LATIN PERCUSSION
  • Wooden cross stands for baroque timpani
  • Trap tables / tray tables for percussion, made by KOLBERG
  • Cymbal rests for orchestra cymbals / clash cymbals, made by KOLBERG
  • Cymbal stands, also for suspended cymbals (gooseneck)
  • Triangle stands made by KOLBERG
  • Triangle hand holders by TR PERCUSSION
  • Sizzle tops for all kinds of cymbals
  • Mallet & stick holders / tables
  • Drum stands and tom-tom stands in different versions,
  • Stands for orchestra bassdrum, marching bassdrum and taiko drum
  • Beaters for orchestra bassdrum / gran cassa
  • Foot pedals of many brands (double & single)
  • Foot pedals with special mount for Cajon
  • Hihat-machines - also remote hihat-machines, drop-clutches and X-Hats
  • Playback dampers (rubber pads) and mesh heads for playback in all popular sizes
  • Mallets and stix in a wide range and of many famous brands
  • A large assortment of parts from the KOLBERG combination stand system
  • Drum thrones (also with back rest) made by many famous brands
  • Drum carpets made by WARWICK or MEINL
  • Timpani chairs & percussion chairs with swivelling seat made by KOLBERG or WILDE+SPIETH

Our outstanding service: All our accessories for drums and percussion are insured for the full hire period in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.

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Please note:
Our hire offer applies only to professional use! We regret that hire for solely private purposes over a protracted period of time (education, practice) is not possible.

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