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The PREISSLER flight case manufactory in Germany.

Flight cases in best German quality. Built in Berlin with great experience.

No matter whether it is a small bell that has to be shipped or a huge valuable concert harp - it always must be ensured that the instrument reaches its place of destination safely and can be protected while stored. Many decades of experience in shipping and storage of our own musical instruments inspired us to develop the custom made PREISSLER flight case.

From the smallest case to special packaging of objects in all formats and many colours, we build your original PREISSLER flight case. On request with high quality casters - with or without brake, stackable or with extendable loading ramps, for timpani, marimba, vibraphone, harp, double bass, tuba, etc. Contrary to many other manufacturers we place particular emphasis on special interiors, as an object can only be safely packed, if the packaging surrounds it like a protective made-to-measure glove. The object to be packed is safely and solidly padded with millimetre accuracy in a hand-finished case.

Every PREISSLER flight case is a unique specimen of the finest handmade quality.

Prior to making the case, we will plan the entire project in detail together with you and your special individual requirements will be integrated in the manufactory. This is how your PREISSLER flight case, the safest transport protection for your valuable instrument, is made - a perfect symbiosis of your own ideas and our long standing experience!

Contact us - we will be delighted to advice you!


Have a look at flight cases of our manufactory in Berlin / Germany.

harp flight case

New flight case for this harp

Harps are highly sensitive, delicate instruments which can be damaged even just by severe vibration. As a result, all harps - especially concert harps - should only ever be transported in flight cases.

This superb, factory-new CAMAC " Mélusine" lever harp needed our help and a custom-built flight case.

Flightcases exakt eingepasst

A perfect fit

There cannot be a single millimetre's gap; the sensitive feet of the instrument must fit tightly yet with gentle cushioning in the case.

Perfekte Einpassung des Sockels

Perfect fit for the harp base

We have lots of experience when it comes to fitting the sensitive base of a harp especially. Our design makes absolutely sure that there is no wobble!

Case Unterteil

Case bottom

The instrument is perfectly protected against damage by shock impact, or even if it falls over.

Harfe im offenen Flightcase

Harp in open flight case

As a look inside the flight case lid reveals, the neck is just as perfectly fitted as the rest of the instrument.

Fertiges Flightcase

Finished harp flight case

Packed in a hand-crafted PREISSLER FLIGHT CASE, the harp can now be transported anywhere around the world....

Flightcase für Notenpulte

Flight cases for music stands

This flight case utilises our long-standing experience in the packing and transportation of music stands and stand lights. Each of these hand-crafted flight cases holds 16 stands and 16 lights. Each stand is dismantled and placed in a dedicated compartment to prevent it from being scratched or damaged. The stand lights are attached to hangers inside the flight case.

There is of course also a compartment for spare lights and small miscellaneous items. And the flight cases can even be stacked to save space on-board the transport vehicle!

Double bass flight case

Flight case for double bass - compact version

Based on our long-standing experience in transporting double basses: the smallest PREISSLER double bass flight case. Its exterior dimensions are extremely compact, yet it still offers space for a stand, a bow compartment, and on request a lockable compartment for accessories, sheet music, etc. We also offer a range of optional extras: All-round cold insulation; a built-in thermometer and hygrometer with exterior display readout; shells built-in to the lid to stack multiple cases; and a zipped bag for cleaning cloths and rosin.

We will be pleased to custom-build your PREISSLER double bass flight case for you, incorporating your very own needs and wishes.

Double bass flight cases

Flight case for double bass - large version

Our custom-built flight case for large double basses.

Flight cases Preissler Music

Flight cases in all sizes


Our service:

Custom made flight cases for virtually any item or instrument. Flight cases hand-made for you - all of course in accustomed PREISSLER quality.

The PREISSLER MUSIC flight case manufactory Berlin / Germany.

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