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We rent percussion instruments / sound effects

percussion effect instrument rentalPercussion Rental Germany - effect instruments & noises

We rent special percussion instruments and percussion effects of various designs and in many different sizes for use in the orchestra, ensemble or for radio play, movie & theatre productions. All our effect instruments are in professional sound quality. They are very suitable for rehearsals, concerts, studio recordings and also concert tours / orchestra travels. See below a selection of our percussion effects we offer for rental:

Metal Instruments / Metal Effects

Alarm siren, Alpine cowbells (also untuned and with clapper), anvils in different tunes, altar bells / sonagli (for Carl Orff "Carmina Burana"), aquaphone, bar chimes, bell ring, bell tree, brake drum (also balanced by KOLBERG), Burma bell, camel bells, car spring, cowbell, crack frog, crasher, crotale / cymbal antiques, desk bell, dinner chimes, energy chimes, flexatone, frog mouth jingles, hand bells, herd bells (for Gustav Mahler, "6. + 7. Symphony"), iron chain, jews harp / jaw harp, karkabou, khartal / jingle stick, mark tree, mass bells, metal foil / rustling foil, metal plate, pandereita, pin chimes, sanctus bells / prayer bells, sarnabells, ship bell, singing saw / musical saw, sistrum, sleighbells, spors, spoon pairs, solid bar chimes, tambourin (also mountable), thundersheets up to 2 metres height, train bells / railroad bells, triangle of different sizes, wahwah-tube / kuta wapa, wash board, waterpan, waterphone, zinc bin, ...

Wooden Instruments / Wooden Effects

Angklung, bamboo chimes, bamboo canes (for Thomas Adés "Totentanz" / "Dance of death"), bull roarer / music bow, buzzing bow, castanets / castanet machine, coconut shells / horses hoofs, hammer & resonant case (for Gustav Mahler, "6th Symphony" & Alban Berg "3 orchestral pieces"), hyoshigi, jam block, Japanese wood blocks, kalimba / sansa, kokiriko / binsasara, log drum, mokusho, nut rattle, rainbirds, rainmaker, ratchet (also large & adjustable orchestral ratchet by KOLBERG), rakatak, slapstick, slit drum, temple blocks / mokugyo (also complete sets), temple block very large and deep (for Alban Berg "Lulu", Pierre Boulez "Notations", Karl Amadeus Hartmann "Symphony No. 7"), triccaballacca, twitter tube / bird whistle (for H.K. Gruber, "Frankenstein"), water drum / jicara de agua, waterfall, whip / frusta, wind chimes, wood block (also complete woodblock sets), wooden plate, …

Drum-like Effects

Cuica, forest devil, friction drum (for Bernd Alois Zimmermann "The Soldiers"), geophone (for Olivier Messiaen, "Des canyons aux étoiles...", Thomas Adés, "Asyla", James Loy MacMillan, "Towards a Pure Land" and others), monkey drum / bolang-gu, ocean drum / sea drum, spring drum, tambourin (also with replacable jingles, tunable and stand for permanent thumb roll), …

Percussion Wind Instruments and Animal Noises

Boat horn, bird whistle, bird calls (cuckoo, nightingale, blackbird, duck, crow, etc.), boatswain's call / bosun's pipe, car horns, cow horn / bull horn with trumpet mouth piece (for Benjamin Britten, "Spring Symphony"), conductor whistle, fog horn (also original large TYFON steam boat horns by KOCKUM), kazoo, ocarina in different pitches, referee's whistle, samba whistle, shell horn / snail horn, signal horn, siren whistle (also with funnel, by ACME), steamboat horn, steamboat whistle, shofar horn, swanee whistle / slide whistle, train whistle, viking horn, whistle trillings, wind whistle / wind master 263 (ACME), whistle thunderer (ACME), …

Other Percussion Instruments / Percussion Effects

Air raid siren / crank siren with stand, bones / original animal bones (for Thomas Adés, "Totentanz" and others), boom whackers, bullroarer, cab horns / taxi horns / bulb horns (also tuned, for George Gershwin "An American in Paris"), cash register, chicken shaker, granite blocks / poly blocks, sounding children's carousel (for HK Gruber "Frankenstein"), spinning humming (for Karlheinz Stockhausen "Music in stomach" and others), glass chimes, glass harp (only with glass harp player), hand siren with crank, jam block, lions roar, megaphone, musical clock, patum, pistol, grooved plastic hose pipes (for HK Gruber "Frankenstein"), popping cork effect, rainstick / rain maker, sand blocks, shell chimes, tuned bottles, historic typewriter (for Leroy Anderson, "The Typewriter"), udu drum / jug, vibraslap / quijada de burro, wind machine with crank drive, …

... and a wide range of more percussion instruments / effect instruments.

Just ask us if you are looking for an percussion instrument which is not on our list above. Mostly we have it in our rental stock or we can procure it for you very quickly thanks to our unmatched array of contacts worldwide.

You will also find a further selection of percussion instruments in our rental section World Percussion.

Waterphone rental

waterphone rental germanyWe rent finest waterphones, which have been handcrafted as valuable and individual master pieces by the famous German master silversmith Martin Blaese with great attention to detail. These instruments are made of either nickel silver / alpaca or bronze.

As an accessory for the waterphone, you can rent our handmade bows with real white Mongolian horse hair, which have a special shape and were specially developed by a bow maker for use with a waterphone. Of course you can also get special rosin for our rental waterphones.

Our special rental service

  • We transport your hired effect instruments in Berlin, Germany and for orchestra tours in Europe.
  • If you wish our special trained Stage Service Team will set-up and dismantle your hired percussion effect instruments at site.
  • All our percussion effect instruments are insured for the entire hire period in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.
  • Protection against infection: Before and after each rental, all of our percussion instruments and other rental objects are disinfected against viruses and bacteria.

Contact us - we will be glad to help you!

Please note:
Our rental offer applies only for rehearsals, concerts and events of all kinds. We regret that rental for solely private purposes over a protracted period of time (education, practice) is not possible!

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