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Hire snare drum, tom, taiko, orchestra & marching drum - Drums of all sizes.

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We rent all kinds of drums and drum accessories for rehearsals, concerts, recordings, studio productions, stadium festivals, music festivals, TV shows, Theater & Movie productions, orchestral tours / orchestra travels of youth orchestras and professional symphony orchestras, photo shoots, castings / auditions and of course for many other occasions. Our rental drums are made by ADAMS, AURAL, BRADY, DRESDNER APPARATEBAU, DW, DRUMTECH, GRETSCH, IMPERIAL, KOLBERG, LEFIMA, LUDWIG, MAPEX, PEARL, PREMIER, REMO, SONOR, TAMA, YAMAHA and others.

You can hire from our big drum stock:

Snare Drum

  • Snare drums of many sizes and made of different kettle materials, also piccolo snare drums, side drums, double snares.
  • Field drums, traditional drums, drums with rope tensioning, Swiss cadet drums & ordonnanz drums, original Basle drums, tenor drums, historic drums, army drums.

Marching Drum

  • All kinds of marching drums inc. adequate carriers, like marching bass drums in the range from 24" up to 26", military drums, Scotish side drums, parade drums, marching snare drums.
  • Timptoms / Quint, incl. carriers, fan drums, stadium toms, marching toms of different sizes.

Orchestra Bass Drum / Bass Drum for drum kit

  • Orchestra bass drums (Gran Cassa) made by ADAMS, KOLBERG, LUDWIG or LEFIMA, optional with 28", 32", 34", 36" or 40" head diametres, fitted with hand picked calf, goat, or REMO Fiberskyn heads, mounted on mobile & tilting stands and fitted with adjustable cymbal holders.
  • Bass drums for drum kits in the range from 16" - 24" by many named brands.

Tom Drum / tomtom

  • Roto-Toms in the range from 6" - 18", incl. crossbars and stands.
  • Tom-toms from 6" - 20", rack toms and floor toms in many sizes, classical concert toms made by KOLBERG (single headed - without bottom heads) - also with original Irish KALFO calf heads.
  • Wooden tom-toms, custom-built, with multi-layered plywood heads.

Drums from all over the world

  • Congas, bongos, African djembés, frame drums, bendir, riq / riqq, tombak / zarb, REMO buffalo drums, shaman drums (also octagonal), Irish Bodhran, octobans, boobams, original Chinese tom-toms and so many drums more...
  • For photo shots, TV- and Movie productions we rent drums as musical props like tin drums (Gunter Grass "The Tin Drum"). For the use in the sport stadium we offer portable stadium drums for hire.

Japanese Taiko drums - Taiko drum rental

taiko drum hire berlin germany

We rent Japanese taiko drums of best quality. From our large rental stock of drums you can hire miya daiko, shime daiko, hira daiko, okedo daiko, o-daiko / odaiko and suitable wooden stands in all heights and dimensions for taiko drums of all kinds. Of course we also rent special drum stix for taiko drums (bachi). Again, we put special emphasis on the quality and rent excellent taiko drums and bachi stix which are handcrafted by Munz & Simonsen / Germany.


You will find a further selection of drums in our section World Percussion!

Our outstanding service:

All our rental drums are insured for the full hire period in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.

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Please note:
Our hire offer applies only to professional use! We regret that hire for solely private purposes over a protracted period of time (education, practice) is not possible.

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