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Sale of used musical instruments

It is not easy to find used musical instruments in good condition. We have a constantly updated selection of good quality used instruments that partly come from our rental instrument stock, some only used as decoration objects / props in movie and TV productions or instruments put on sale by our customers.

All instruments offered here are naturally checked by our workshop team. Possible usage markings or defects that we find are listed in the description for each instrument. However, most of the instruments offered here are in excellent condition! If you are interested in one of the used instruments on our website, just use our contact form to send us a message.

The delivery and sale of our used instruments and other used items from our inventory are in accordance with our Terms and Conditions of sale.


Wurlitzer digital grand piano used

WURLITZER digital grand piano

Here is a beautiful, used and very rare digital grand piano from private ownership for sale. The WURLITZER digital grand piano is in good condition, has 3 pedals and is painted in high-gloss black. It has a hinged lid and brass casters on its legs. Sales price in the USA was 5,990.00 dollars, this digital grand piano was not available in Europe. 220 volt operation, no transformer required. Private sale at the price of EUR 1,250.00 negotiable.

Drum throne used

Drum throne DIXON "Motorcycle"

This very stable drum stool made by DIXON is for sale. The seat has the shape of a well-padded motorcycle saddle and is covered with black leather. The base is stepless height adjustable and has stable double braced legs. This drum throne is in very good condition and has no damages, holes or cracks. Private sale, purchase price Euro 60.00.


dresdner apparatebau spenke metzl

Unique snare drum DRESDNER APPARATEBAU Spenke & Metzl

This snare drum is in perfect condition, sounds sensationally good and has been privately owned for over 60 years. It is unique and was made by Mr. Metzl as his masterpiece. It was never intended for sale. You can hear it immediately, it is the best sound of a Dresdner Apparatebau drum ever. The shell is absolutely round, all tension rods and the strainer with the letters D.R.G.M. are working perfectly. The company logo is a blue badge. The drum has new strings from HANNABACH mounted (orchestra brilliant), a new KALFO calf skin as batter head and a new REMO Custom Made as resonance head - specially made for the Dresden drum. The drum comes with a nice old wooden box built by Metzl himself. SOLD!

mapex black panther

Snare drum MAPEX "Black Panther"

We sell this very good sounding MAPEX Black Panther Premium snare drum in mint condition from our stock. Completely black nickel-plated shell, hoops and hardware, dimensions 14 "x 6.5". Black nickel-plated Superhoops 2.3 mm, REMO heads on both sides. The snare drum was only used once for a film production and is in mint condition - no dents, no scratches, like new. Sales price Euro 240.00 including 19% VAT..


thaigong gold

Original Thai Gong / Nipple Gong in gold colour

For sale is this wonderful golden Thai gong / nipple gong. The gong was handcrafted in Thailand, is brand new and was only used for decoration. The diameter is approx. 18 " / approx. 46 cm. It sounds great! A real "eye-catcher" on every stage, or of course in the yoga studio. Private sale, sales price Euro 320.00



Complete TAMA Superstar drum kittama superstar schlagzeug

We sell a complete TAMA Superstar drum set from our stock, colour ocean fade - high-gloss laquered. The shell sizes of the toms are 10 "+ 12" + 14 "+ 16", snare drum 14 "x 5.5", bass drum 22 ". The complete TAMA hardware is included: foot pedal, hi-hat machine, 2 cymbal stands (boom) , snare stand, tom holder and double tom stand. The drum kit is in good condition, without damages or missing parts. SOLD!



ludwig black magic snare drum

Snare drum LUDWIG "BLack Magic"

Because we have several of them, we sell this really good sounding LUDWIG Black Magic snare drum from our stock. It was only used for a short time and is in very good condition. The dimensions are 14 "x 5.5". The kettle is made of brass and black nickel plated. The drum has sturdy black Die-Cast hoops, tube lugs and 10 screws per side. It is a new, unplayed REMO Ambassador coated head mounted. The current new price is Euro 470.00. We sell it for only Euro 300.00 incl. 19% VAT.

Music light KOENIG&MEYER, model Duett 2, battery powered.

Music lights / stand lights KOENIG&MEYER

We are changing our stock of battery operated stand lights / music lights and we are offering a total of 25 barely used lights from KOENIG & MEYER, model Mighty Bright Duett 2 for sale. The music lights are in mint condition, with 4 individually switchable LEDs per light. Our unit price only Euro 8.50 incl. 19% German VAT.


50 Solostücke wolfgang preissler

50 Solo Pieces for Snare Drum by Wolfgang Preissler

Unique master pieces for snare drum by the publisher Hofmeister Verlag: Wolfgang Preissler's compositions, which are characterized by the traditional style of the famous Dresden drum school of his former teacher Heinrich Knauer, are highly musical, technically quite sophisticated and ideally suited as recital pieces or for all kinds of exams or music competitions. The solo pieces for Kleine Trommel, which were published by Friedrich Hofmeister Verlag in 2015, should not only be played for a short time, but should also be seen as a constant accompanist to the drummer. Their 50 titles of trees carry them for their longevity. Sales price Euro 19.80 (new). Only available in our company: Hand signed by Wolfgang Preissler personally!

Kleine Trommel Wolfgang Preissler

Solo Pieces "Kleine Trommel" for snare drum by Wolfgang Preissler

31 musical master pieces for snare drum in middle and high range! From Wolfgang Preissler's over 50 years of professional experience as a solo timpanist and classical percussionist in famous philharmonic orchestras, these masterpieces have emerged. As a former student of the famous percussion teacher and musician Heinrich Knauer more than 70 years ago, Wolfgang Preissler's compositions are clearly influenced by the traditional style of the old Dresden drum school. They are very musical, sometimes technically sophisticated and suitable as performance pieces and also for exams or competitions. Sales price Euro 16.80 (new). Only available in our company: Hand signed by Wolfgang Preissler personally!

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