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Lectures & Presentations about Drums and Percussion Instruments

All lectures and presentations can be booked for groups or individuals. Regular dates and prices for our lecture series can gladly be provided on request. Contact us - our team will be pleased to advise you! The bookings are valid in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.


coaching geschichte-schlaginstrumente

The history of percussion instruments

Lecture and performance by Tom Preissler

Our whole life is influenced from the beginning by rhythm and sounds, and percussion instruments are nearly as old as mankind. Together with bone and bamboo flutes, they belong to the oldest instruments on our planet.

You can expect a captivating lecture with many sound variations and well-known and also exotic instruments from our stock. This event is available in German language only!

This event is also available as exciting presentations for teaching at general schools & music schools in Berlin and Germany.


coaching vortrag

Ancient sounds - Sounds from the Universe

Performance by Tom Preissler

In the beginning was rhythm - it created sound! Our life is influenced from the beginning by rhythm and sounds, from which mankind developed music. As Beethoven’s said, “music is a higher-order revelation than all wisdom and philosophy”. In the world of rhythms and sounds, gongs and singing bowls have a special meaning. Many of them have thousands of years of history....

In a captivating presentation with many examples played from exotic, evocative instruments and the close-to-the-skin experience of sound energy, Tom Preissler talks of their origins and of their partially mysterious effect on us as humans. You will experience a truly captivating trip into the past, and for a moment even a trip into your own “self”.... This event is available in German language only!

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